Instacart Publix Online Grocery Ordering and Home Delivery


Publix has recently started out providing home grocery delivery service by using Instacart for select region zip codes.

Publix customers making use of Instacart for the very first time can have their first house delivery charge waived.

Using the new service, consumers can purchase and receive their groceries after as little as1 hour. Go shopping using the Publix internet site or the Instacart mobile app. Delivery service hours are 9 am – 9 pm Monday through Friday.

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The way Instacart Works

1. Visit the Instacart site or the Instacart mobile app in your iPhone or Android device.

2. Enter in your zip code and Publix store location.

3. Add grocery items to your digital shopping cart, and then select a delivery window (within 1 hour, within 2 hours, or some planned amount of time in the future) and check out.

4. A Instacart Personal Shopper will take your order on his/her mobile phone, uses the Instacart shopper mobile app to help them through shopping, and after that delivers the order to you within the specified delivery timeframe.